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Should You Get Your Hands Lasered Like the Kardashians?

laser hand treatment

laser hand treatmentThe Kardashian girls are always up to something, especially when it comes to strange beauty tricks that probably don’t work.

But this time, Kim K just might be onto something. Check out what she’s up to now…and how you could benefit from this little anti-aging secret, too!

So What Is Laser Hand Rejuvenation?

Most people get laser treatments like Halo™ laser skin resurfacing on their faces to kick wrinkles and age spots to the curb. But a little-known secret (until now – thanks, Kim!) is that you can get this same laser treatment on the backs of your hands to make them look smoother and more youthful.

Do Lasers Really Work?

Say goodbye to granny hands with the help of laser hand rejuvenation!

According to Kim K, laser skin rejuvenation is part of her “effortless” skincare routine, but so is waist training. Well, the famous (or should we say infamous?) Kardashian sister goes one for two here. While waist training doesn’t do a thing to trim your waist down, aside from maybe bursting an organ or two, laser skin rejuvenation does have proven results.

Laser skin resurfacing works by removing the dull layer of dead skin (gross) and other debris from the surface of your skin, while simultaneously ramping up collagen production. And in case you haven’t heard enough about collagen lately, this is the good stuff that makes your skin look firm and young and all things magical.

But the secret to getting the most out of your laser hand or skin treatment is to see a trained and experienced professional, and do not try to DIY this one at home.


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Should You Get Your Hands Lasered Like the Kardashians?
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Should You Get Your Hands Lasered Like the Kardashians?
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