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Should You Get Plastic Surgery to Look Like Your Favorite Animal?

Plastic Surgery

Plastic SurgeryYou know those people who take things a little too far? OK, a lot too far. Like the guy named Leppard who spent way too much money to get a body’s worth of leopard-print tattoos? Or the real-life cat woman who had some work done to make her face look like the jungle cats her rich husband adored? Or the guy who had fang caps added to his teeth and surgery to reshape his top lip to look like a cat’s lip?

We’d like to know how this many people have come down with a bad case of I-want-to-look-like-a-cat-itis. Surely, it’s still cool to be all human looking.

Too Much Is Too Much

We’re thinking that extremes aren’t really where you want to go with anything — tanning, tattoos, piercing, plastic surgery, cat-like behavior, etc. The norm is the norm for a reason. It works. Reasonable plastic surgery can enhance your appearance, balance your figure (hello, BBL!) and facial proportions and boost your self-confidence. Horns implanted on your forehead to look like a goat may not have the same effect and you might scare a few people, even if your mountain climbing skills are superior. Just saying.

Keep It Rational

How about you keep it on the straight and narrow when it comes to plastic surgery? Stick with combining procedures for an hourglass figure, not a feline figure, and keep those breast implants in, well, your breasts. And say no to the eyebrow-raising silicone implants that performance artist Orlan had deposited above her eyebrows.

Whatever you do, please don’t go removing ribs in your quest to look a little more animalistic. Those things are important, friends. We’re all for looking foxy, just not the actual foxy.

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