Should You Get CoolSculpting® Now Or Save that Fat for a BBL?


CoolSculptingSo you want an itty bitty teeny tiny waist, but you also might want a bigger butt later. Should you get CoolSculpting® now, or will you need that extra belly bulge to add some junk to your truck in a BBL?

Ask yourself these important questions now so you can get the sexy results you want later.

How Much Junk in the Trunk Do You Want?

First things first, if you’re thinking about pairing CoolSculpting with a Brazilian butt lift, you may need to tread lightly. During a BBL, your plastic surgeon will need to take unwanted fat from somewhere else – usually your hips or waist – in order to plump up your backside.

That said, if you’re going for a subtle butt boost and feel like you have stubborn fat in other areas, getting some CoolSculpting now could be doable.

What’s Your Timeline Like?

If you want to get rid of that belly pooch ASAP, but you’re planning your BBL for years down the road after finishing school or having kids, then the immediate benefits of CoolSculpting might be worth your while.

CoolSculpting results can pretty much last a lifetime, provided you hang onto that gym membership.

What Does Your Provider Say?

Still hung up about when to plan your CoolSculpting sesh? The best way to figure it out is to find a qualified provider near you and get to talkin’! Explain your right-now goals and BBL wishes for the future and see if they recommend springing for some body contouring now or holding off.


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Should You Get CoolSculpting® Now Or Save that Fat for a BBL?
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Should You Get CoolSculpting® Now Or Save that Fat for a BBL?
Wondering how often you can get CoolSculpting? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares some advice on planning body contouring treatments if you might want a BBL later.
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