Tummy Tucks

Should You Get a Tattoo Over Your Tummy Tuck Scar?

Tummy Tuck Scar

Your tummy tuck is healing, Woman's belly with tattoo in jeansyour body’s looking great, and you’re just about ready to hit the pool… when you look down and notice that pesky white incision mark creeping up past your bikini line.

This troublesome little scar feels like a scarlet letter for women who had a tummy tuck: “Hey everyone! That girl had cosmetic surgery!”

Naturally, many of us want to avoid this scenario. While tummy tuck scars are often concealed by everyday clothing and bathing suits, some women are opting to hide the evidence further with a strategically placed tattoo to cover up the incision site.

Tattoos over an incision? Is this really a good idea?

Tucks and Tattoos

The good news: if your procedure has fully healed and your scar has matured to its final stage of visibility, by all means, go forth and get inked.

The bad news: if you’re fresh out of surgery and bummed about the appearance of your scar, you may need to practice your patience.

Tattooing over a healing incision is not safe. This includes getting tattooed while other symptoms like swelling and redness are present—make sure your body is back in working order before you kick the door of your tattoo parlor down.

Having said that, many women these days are surprised by how inconspicuous their tummy tuck scars turn out. Less invasive surgical techniques like the mini tummy tuck are allowing surgeons to achieve quality results with shorter surgeries and smaller incisions. This news comes as a relief to women who stress about how their scar may throw off their results.

Never fear, though—you’re not in the appearance fight alone. With the right combination of surgeon, clothing choices, and maybe a carefully-chosen dragonfly tattoo, nobody ever need know that you’ve had a cosmetic boost.

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