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Should You Get a Celebrity Belly Button with Your Tummy Tuck?

celebrity belly button

celebrity belly buttonThinking about getting a tummy tuck? Well, if you want to stay hip to the latest plastic surgery trends, you might want to add a celebrity belly button into the mix.

That’s right, you can now get a whole new belly button with your tummy tuck.

Whoa Baby, Did You See Her…Belly Button?

Apparently, we’re expanding our obsessions from boobs and butts to now include belly buttons. American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski seems to have sparked a new revolution in plastic surgery requests by flaunting her—you got it—belly button.

After seeing flawless pics of her uniquely-shaped belly button on social media, a surge of women have started requesting their belly buttons look more like Ms. Ratajkowski’s. It seems that oval-shaped, “vertically-oriented” belly buttons are in…at least for now.

When In Rome…

Did you know that having kids can change the size and shape of your belly button? Hello, mommy makeover!


So the question is, is asking your plastic surgeon for a specific belly button aesthetic a reasonable add-on to your tummy tuck? The truth is that your old belly button will have to be reshaped, anyway, during abdominoplasty, so if you have a shape or size in mind that you’d like to get, it’s worth asking for.

Just remember that just because you might have a similarly-shaped belly button to a well-known model doesn’t mean you’ll look just like her. But if a new belly button will make you feel more confident in your own skin, more power to ya, girl.



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Should You Get a Celebrity Belly Button with Your Tummy Tuck?
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Should You Get a Celebrity Belly Button with Your Tummy Tuck?
Thinking about getting a new belly button with your tummy tuck? Plastic surgery personality RaveBabe explains why this add-on has become so popular lately.
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