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Should You Blow Your Life Savings On Breast Implants?

Breast Implants

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Is your flat chest keeping you from getting that promotion? Is your minuscule cup size preventing you from landing a husband? Of course not. This isn’t 1953, for heaven’s sake. But if you do lack confidence in your physical appearance, breast implants can certainly help. Just ask the 94 percent of women on RealSelf who rate breast augmentation as “Worth It.”

Now, for those of us with modest incomes, breast implants aren’t exactly cheap, so consider the long-term effects a $6,000 pair of knockers will have on your finances. (You might find them cheaper if you shop around, but really—do you seriously want cut-rate cosmetic surgery?)

Before booking that appointment, think about:

  • Your personal finances. If you already have barely manageable debt from student loans/a mortgage/credit cards, breast augmentation should be fairly low on your list of priorities. Turning to crowdsourcing to fund your breast implants is generally frowned upon.
  • Your health. You should be in fairly good physical condition prior to any type of cosmetic surgery in order to avoid complications.
  • Your age. If you are fairly young, breast implants don’t have to be a pressing concern, especially if still in your teenage years. Your body isn’t necessarily fully developed, so you may still have an additional cup size coming your way. Also, you might have an entirely different perspective once you reach your mid-to-late twenties. You don’t want to rush into any surgical procedures you may grow to regret.

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Most importantly, what do you want breast augmentation to bring? Breast implants are often called an investment, but relatively few patients really consider the actual, tangible returns. Once you’ve weighed all the physical and psychological benefits, that sticker price will suddenly seem a lot more reasonable.

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