Tummy Tucks

Say Hello to Your Belly’s New BFF

Your Belly

Your BellyIf you’re sick and tired of struggling with pesky belly bulges that just won’t make like a tree and leave, then you might be looking into cosmetic surgery to make them go bye-bye for good. Before you opt in for a traditional tummy tuck, though, you’ve got to hear about the Avelar tummy tuck and its many benefits.

It’s an Outpatient Procedure

The Avelar tummy tuck has a lot of good things going for it, and one of its biggest benefits is that it can offer the same amazing results as a regular tummy tuck, but with a much less extensive procedure.

Most women are able to return home directly after getting an Avelar tummy tuck because this method uses advanced surgical techniques that make it much less invasive than traditional abdominoplasty.

Say Goodbye to Post-Op Drains

With an Avelar tummy tuck, gone are the days of dealing with post-op drains. This technique minimizes fluid collection by maintaining blood flow to your abdominal tissue throughout the procedure.

Address Excess Skin and Fat in One Sitting

The addition of liposuction comes standard with an Avelar tummy tuck, so your cosmetic surgeon can address both skin laxity and excess fat in one simple procedure. 

The result is more comprehensive results that can much more seamlessly give you the sleek, toned figure you’re looking for.

Enjoy a Faster Recovery

While you can expect to see the same great results with an Avelar tummy tuck as you would with its traditional counterpart, you should recover much quicker and with fewer chances of complications when you choose this innovative procedure.

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