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Revenge Body, Revenge Breast Augmentation? Yes, Please

Young cheerful female in a bra
Young cheerful female in a bra
Young cheerful female in a bra

After finding out her boyfriend was actually engaged to someone else for the duration of their relationship, a 54-year-old Las Vegas woman vowed to get her revenge body on.

Jo Ann Munz dropped over $10,000 on breast implants, BOTOX®, plasma fibroblast, microneedling and chemical peels to rid herself of feeling like an “old hag,” as her now-ex-boyfriend and his fiancée called her.

Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t want to spend some time treating themselves and boosting their self-confidence after a bad breakup or divorce?

If you’re looking to join Jo Ann in the ranks of powerful revenge body women (or men!), here are just a few post-divorce plastic surgery ideas to consider.

1. New Boobs

Revenge breast augmentation is probably the most obvious and popular plastic surgery that women might seek after parting ways with an ex. Whether you’re looking to add a subtle boost of volume or some serious va-va-voom to your look, a boob job can help you get there.

Just remember that you don’t want to make any rash decisions. Make sure you’re in a good place mentally and physically and that you really want breast implants for you and no one else.

2. Tight Tummy

Make a tummy tuck part of your revenge mommy makeover for an even more customized treat to yourself.

Maybe that belly pooch or beer gut has been keeping you from really feeling yourself lately. Guys and gals alike can benefit from a tummy tuck and/or liposuction to banish that belly fat and finally get the trim, ultra-sexy physique you’ve wanted — just in time to celebrate your newly single status.

3. Freeze Away Fat

So you totally want a revenge body, but you’re not sure you want surgery to get there. No sweat — literally. Nonsurgical CoolSculpting® freezes away unwanted fat cells in just about any area of your body, from those pesky love handles to the dreaded double chin, without incisions, needles or downtime. So go ahead, get that rock-hard body on and enjoy your newfound freedom.

4. Brighten Your Brow

Psst, fellas, plastic surgery after a divorce is totally on the table for you, too. One of the most common cosmetic procedures for men is a brow lift, since a drooping brow and forehead wrinkles are some of the first signs of aging in men. This procedure can help you get a refreshed, revitalized look for your new chapter, giving you a brighter, more energized appearance that shouts, “I’m confident and ready to meet people!”

5. Have a Med Spa Day

Who says you have to do something drastic to liven your look after a divorce? There are plenty of nonsurgical med spa treatments that can help you look and feel younger and sexier in no time at all.

Fillers, Dysport® and laser skin treatments are just a few of the most popular cosmetic treatments for both women and men. No matter if wrinkles, dark spots or sun damage are your worries, one (or a few!) of these treatments can hook you up with the total revenge look package.

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Revenge Body, Revenge Breast Augmentation? Yes, Please
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Revenge Body, Revenge Breast Augmentation? Yes, Please
Should you treat yourself to plastic surgery after a divorce? Beauty blogger RaveBabe shares four top procedures to get your revenge body post-breakup.
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