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Really? Plastic Surgery for Your Pooch?

Plastic Surgery for Your Pooch

Plastic Surgery for Your PoochIf you think Americans are obsessed with plastic surgery, wait until you hear how far South Koreans are taking the nipping and tucking trend. Apparently, puppy plastic surgery is on the rise in this far away land, which leaves us like, “Say what?!?”

We Can’t Make This Stuff Up…

If you’re already scratching your head, just wait until we elaborate. Dr. Yoon, a South Korean veterinarian whose name appropriately rhymes with “loon,” touts that cosmetic procedures for pups are perfectly safe and that owners have the right to have their pets look as beautiful as possible. Popular procedures for pooches include eyelid surgery, stretch mark removal and, wait for it….BOTOX®.

Is This Animal Abuse?

To be fair, this news does not mean that everyone in South Korea has lost their ever-loving minds. A recent survey by a veterinarian magazine in the country found that over 60% of pet owners believe cosmetic procedures for dogs should be illegal. That still means that almost 4 out of 10 people think this nonsense is acceptable, which is rather disturbing.

South Korean animal rights groups, which clearly don’t hold the kind of clout that PETA does on this side of the pond, are calling it like it is—downright abuse.

Appropriate Plastic Surgery

Frankly, we’re lumping these nutbars who are having their dogs nipped and tucked right in there with psycho pageant moms who whore up their daugters for show and want to start BOTOX® before kindergarten. Your dog, like your innocent toddler, isn’t capable of deciding that he or she would like to have a nosejob or liposuction. To all ADULT HUMANS, you have every right to explore plastic surgery options to enhance your appearance and feel more confident. But for crying out loud, let’s agree to leave dogs (and children) alone.

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