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Really!? Do NOT Get a Tummy Tuck before Hitting Your Goal Weight

Two feet standing on a scale

Two feet standing on a scaleIf you’re going to put up the time and money on a tummy tuck, you might as well get your money’s worth and have as much unwanted bulge removed as possible, right? WRONG! Tummy tucks are great and all, but they’re not gonna stand in for good old-fashioned diet and exercise, no matter which way you slice it. So how much weight do you really need to lose before getting a tummy tuck? Here’s what you need to know.

Doesn’t a Tummy Tuck Trim the Fat, Anyway?

Nope! Abdominoplasty, aka a tummy tuck, doesn’t do much at all by way of fat removal, unless you pair it with liposuction. But even then, there are limits to what plastic surgery can do. For one, these types of procedures only get rid of the pinchable layer of fat that’s right underneath your skin. The visceral stuff that’s much deeper only goes away with diet and exercise. Sorry.

Tummy tucks are for loose skin, lipo is for pesky pinchable fat.

How Close Do I Really Have to Get?

So what if you’re a couple pounds shy of your goal weight, can you still get a tummy tuck? Sure. But the closer to you come to your ideal weight before getting plastic surgery, the better your results will be.

After your tummy tuck, you’ll still want to hang onto that gym membership, since it’s still possible to gain weight again after body contouring surgery. So if you wanna rock your killer post-tummy tuck bod for years to come, stick with the exercise program.


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Really!? Do NOT Get a Tummy Tuck before Hitting Your Goal Weight
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Really!? Do NOT Get a Tummy Tuck before Hitting Your Goal Weight
Not sure how much weight to lose before your tummy tuck? RaveBabe explains why you should totally reach your fitness goals first, then get plastic surgery.
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