Laser Hair Removal

“Rainbow Pits” and Other Baffling Trends in Body Hair

Rainbow Pits

Rainbow Pits The “rainbow pit” trend (if it can even be called a trend) isn’t so much sexy as it is a clear sign of mental illness. Why spend time, money, and energy tinting your underarm hair when all you can hope to achieve is a look like you’re head-locking a rodeo clown?

When it comes to body hair, the only reasonable options are: leaving it alone (Hey, some people like it. A few people really like it.) or removing it. If you choose to remove it, you can opt for one of several methods. Here’s why laser hair removal beats them all.

LHR Is Permanent

Shaving is quick and relatively cheap, but it’s a daily ritual that comes with the risk of leaving nicks and razor bumps. Waxing—either home or professional—gives you longer term results than shaving, and dedicated waxers sometimes wind up killing their hair follicles over time. However, it’s not exactly pain-free, and can be a messy business if you do it at home. As for depilatories… oh, come on. Is it 1973 already?

If you’re sick of the entire unwanted hair-removing routine, you can’t get more effective than laser hair removal, which delivers eternal smoothness after only a few treatments.

Laser Hair Removal Is Time-Saving

Laser hair removal can treat entire sections of hair at a time at only a fraction of a second per section. The individual treatments themselves take approximately one hour and you’ll need a half-dozen treatments or so, but you’ll never have to manage your body hair again.

If you’re a little furry and you’re less than happy about it, laser hair removal is definitely an option worth investigating further, and one that’s way easier on the eyes than neon armpit hair. Get moving, Sasquatch.

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