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Predicting Your Breast Augmentation Results with the Magic of 3D

Magic of 3D

Magic of 3DIf you were lucky enough to be born prior to 1980, you were probably exposed to the John Hughes movie Weird Science. In this classic 80s flick, two high school nerds, Gary and Wyatt, attempt to make the perfect woman on their home computer. The perfect woman is played by Kelly LeBrock. If you’ve seen her lately, you’d know that not only has she had a ton of work done, but that her cosmetic surgeon might very well be Picasso himself. Yikes.

“Go! Go! Go!”

In one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, Wyatt and Gary are making another woman for two friends. The teenage boys can’t make the woman’s breasts big enough: “Go! Go! Go!” Cue our first unforgettable look at the magical world of 3D breast augmentation software.

Fortunately for today’s womenfolk, modern men have started to prefer a more athletic build that doesn’t destroy our backs, and the magic of 3D results is not just for the movies anymore.

The Future Is Now

3D imaging software can now be used during an initial consultation with your cosmetic surgeon to provide a basis for your final breast augmentation results.

To start, your chest is scanned. This process allows you and your surgeon to then view your frame on the computer and examine how different sizes of breast implants look before the actual breast augmentation. (Here’s your own chance to yell, “Go! Go! Go!” while you frantically hit the “increase” button on the doctor’s keyboard.)

Whatever implant size you choose, just know that Wyatt and Gary are most likely somewhere smiling over your decision for implants. And Kelly LeBrock is trying to smile. Or she is smiling? It’s actually hard to tell.

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