Please Don’t Let Liposuction Art Become a Thing

Liposuction Art

Liposuction Art Ben Colibri is a French artist who uses liposuction fat to create sculptures and paintings. No need to revisit the previous sentence; you read that correctly the first time. Lest you think that Colibri’s peculiar fetish makes him an art world outlier, his work is actually quite renowned. Collectors include Hugh Hefner, Nicholas Sarkozy and Ivana Trump… which may lead a few to conclude money can’t buy good taste, but there you have it.

What Will They Think of Next?

Colibri has a flare for the macabre (as if using liposuction fat weren’t a glaring clue). Some of his works include paintings of skulls and sculptures of chicken breasts and babies, which are all made with his magic ingredient. No word on how the forefathers of modern liposuction feel about this unintended use.

Stop the Insanity

A little sanity can go a long way when it comes to body contouring. Maybe it’s old-fashioned to believe that lipo should only be used as a cosmetic procedure rather than in upcycled artwork. But sometimes good old-fashioned values are the best kind.

When used the way it was intended, liposuction can be a marvelous tool to rid the body of those pesky pockets of fat that simply won’t quit, no matter how much dieting and exercise you do. Lipo can slim and reshape targeted areas of the body, and can be performed alone or in tandem with other plastic surgery procedures.

But don’t go getting any crazy ideas, like our aforementioned artist friend. Liposuction is safest and most effective when performed by a board certified plastic surgeon rather than used for shocking the art world at large.

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