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Plastic Surgery to Look Like a Blow-Up Doll?

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Plastic SurgeryThere are those of us who are relatively comfortable in our own skin, plus or minus a few things here and there. We may choose to have plastic surgery to help us fine-tune what Mother Nature gave us, and there’s certainly no harm in accentuating the positive.

    We may choose to have plastic surgery to help us fine-tune what Mother Nature gave us,

Why Look Human When You Can Look Like a Giant Inflatable Doll?

But then there are those of us who would prefer to look like an inflatable sex doll rather than a real live human being. Latvian glamour model Victoria Wild is one such person. She spent over $40,000 of her businessman boyfriend’s hard-earned money to morph her body into that of a blow-up doll’s.

After three breast augmentation procedures, Wild now has 32G breasts. She’s also gotten a nose job, permanent lip implants and BOTOX® to put the crowning touch on her doll features, and she couldn’t be happier with the results. Her boyfriend reportedly is also a fan of her transformation.

Dreams Really Do Come True

The desire to resemble a doll was no overnight whim for Wild. As a young girl growing up in the Latvian countryside, the neighbors called her Barbie for her blonde hair and slim figure. But she loathed her A cup breasts and her human appearance. Wild always dreamt of transforming herself into a sexy blow-up doll with big boobs and insanely large lips. So with a dream in her heart, a sugar daddy to fund her metamorphosis and a team of plastic surgeons, Wild was finally able to realize her destiny.


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