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Plastic Surgery Boosts Your Confidence, Because Science

Plastic Surgery and Confidence

Plastic Surgery and ConfidenceAh, the age-old question: Does plastic surgery really boost your self-confidence, or is that a long-standing myth? The truth is, there’s actually some science to support the fact that getting a boob job or other cosmetic “work” can have a positive effect on your self-esteem.

Plus, countless celebs have since come public about their own cosmetic surgeries and the positive effects they’ve experienced as a result.

So should you dive into plastic surgery in hopes of a confidence boost? Maybe, but then again, maybe not! Here’s what to consider.

Cardi B Says It, So It Must Be True!

Cardi B has been anything but quiet about her recent boob jobs and butt lift, saying time and time again how much they’ve boosted her self-image and maybe even helped her rise to the top. And while we all know to take celebrity gossip with a dash (okay, more like spoonfuls!) of salt, there really is research to back up Cardi’s personal findings.

It’s a scientific fact: cosmetic surgery could make you happier!

In one study, researchers compared 1,000 people who have had cosmetic surgery with 1,000 who have never even considered it. They found that those who had cosmetic surgery reported being happier overall and happier with their entire bodies — not just the area involved in surgery — than the group who did not have cosmetic surgery.

Not So Fast…

Before you start waving the magic cosmetic surgery wand to make all your problems disappear, let’s take a step back. Sure, plastic surgery could help to boost your self-confidence, but it’s not going to solve underlying problems such as body dysmorphic disorder, depression, relationship troubles and the like. So do make sure you’re opting into a boob job or butt lift for the right reasons — because YOU want to, not anyone else.

Also, make sure you’re in a good headspace when you make any big life decision, including whether or not to get cosmetic surgery. Fresh off a breakup or divorce? Maybe give yourself a cooling-off period before doing anything drastic, mmk?

Not sure if surgery could be the solution for you? Not to worry, you’ve got options! You could try nonsurgical treatments first, like fillers, lasers or a liquid nose job, before making a more permanent decision.

You can also try a little self-care to help get you through hard times before you feel confident enough to make a big decision like cosmetic surgery. Just a few self-care ideas:

  • Book a totally new adventure or experience. Hello, skydiving!
  • Nurture an existing hobby, or start a new one!
  • Volunteer for a charitable cause or donate items that are cluttering your space.

Bottom Line

If, in the end, you feel that cosmetic surgery will give you the confidence boost you need, go for it, girl! There truly is research to back up the idea that getting a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, mommy makeover, what have you, can and does improve overall happiness and self-image. Just don’t be pressured into anything — whether that pressure comes from someone else or yourself!

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Plastic Surgery Boosts Your Confidence, Because Science
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Plastic Surgery Boosts Your Confidence, Because Science
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