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“Nose Rot” after a Nose Job? Ewww

Beautiful Woman -= Nose Job

Beautiful Woman -= Nose JobIf you’re planning a nose job, the last thing you want to hear is that there’s a possibility your nose could start rotting away after your procedure. So first, know that this is totally preventable by making sure you’re working with a reputable facial plastic surgeon.

Now for the details. Chinese actress Gao Liu recently opened up about her botched nose job, which caused necrosis to set in to the tip of her nose. Necrosis is essentially dead tissue, meaning her nose was literally rotting before her eyes. Yuck. 

Turns out that the plastic surgery clinic she’d gone to had a bad track record, getting five administrative penalties in the span of seven months. 

So what should you expect after a successful nose job? Hint: a rotting nose isn’t on the list. 

1. Swelling and Bruising Is Normal, Rotting Is Not

You should be able to go back to work two weeks after a nose job, and no one will even be able to tell.

Don’t panic if you see purplish bruising and swelling after your nose job. These side effects are completely normal and to be expected after a surgical procedure. But what’s most certainly NOT normal is black, irritated tissue anywhere on your nose. Sadly, the latter is exactly what happened to Liu shortly after getting a nose job from a questionable provider.

2. You’re Not Going to Look Just Like a Celebrity

Sorry to break it to you, but your rhinoplasty plastic surgeon doesn’t have a magic wand that can turn you into a whole new person. In fact, looking just like your favorite celebrity shouldn’t even make your wishlist. 

While your nose job can be inspired by a certain celebrity’s look, your nose should complement your natural features and remain in harmony and balance with your face. Jennifer Aniston’s nose isn’t going to look the same on someone else’s face, no matter how much plastic surgery is involved.

3. You Might Not Immediately Love Your New Nose

…And that’s perfectly okay. Swelling and bruising can get in the way of your rhinoplasty results, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t fall in love with your results as soon as the bandages come off. It’ll take some time for your new nose to develop, gradually revealing the shape you’re looking for. 

While you should see the beginnings of your final results in a few months after your nose job, it can take a full year for your nose to completely heal.

4. You Shouldn’t Need a Nose Job Revision

When done the right way the first time, a nose job really shouldn’t need to be redone. But you’ve got to put in the legwork first to find a reputable, skilled plastic surgeon who understands the complexities of this delicate procedure. 

Trust me, it’ll be well worth the extra time spent doing your research and going to several consultations to pick the best nose job plastic surgeon than to skimp on research upfront and end up with a case of necrosis afterward.

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“Nose Rot” after a Nose Job? Ewww
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“Nose Rot” after a Nose Job? Ewww
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