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New Boobs to Boost Your OnlyFans Account? Um, Maybe?

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RaveBabe - Woman on bedGirl, the pandemic has hit us all hard. And if you are like many women, you’ve turned to some, shall we say, unconventional methods of bringing in a little extra cash without having to leave the house. 

Hey, no shame in the game.

But if you are relying on OnlyFans or similar platforms to make a living, you might be wondering if getting a boob job could be a good investment. The answer?


A Case Study

OK, so it’s not really a case study. It’s just the story of Amanda Martin. But it’s an interesting one.

You see, Amanda decided to spend 30 grand on plastic surgery to completely change her look. But she didn’t do this for OnlyFans. In fact, it wasn’t a thing when she got her makeover. Her goal was to get more Tinder dates. She dropped some pounds and then added some in the form of brand-new 32 DDD breasts. Since then, she has also gotten lipo, fat transfers and butt implants.

With her new look boosting her confidence, she started posting snaps on Instagram and other platforms. Eventually, this snowballed into an adult entertainment career when she created her OF account, where she pulls in more than 1 million a year. 

30k in plastic surgery sounds like a lot. But if you are pulling in over a million a year…

Sure, but Is This a Good Idea?

Did Amanda’s boosted boobies boost her socials? While we don’t have the data to back that up, probably. But should you get surgery in the hopes of blowing up your OnlyFans or other accounts?

Well, that depends. Not everyone looking for OF content is attracted to the same body type. But ultimately, getting surgery should be about you more than it is about the followers. 

To figure out if it’s right for you, consider breast augmentation pros and cons.

The Benefits of Breast Augmentation

So this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it will hit on the key points you should keep in mind when debating surgery. Here are some things surgery can do for you.

Feeling Confident in Your Skin

Many women report increased self-confidence after getting breast augmentation. This is especially true for those who had very small breasts prior to surgery. Or those who want designer nipples.

Addressing Irregularities

Most women have breasts that are two different sizes. But for some, the discrepancy is significant. Augmentation allows for this to be corrected.

Filling Out Clothes

If your chest is on the smaller side, you may find that many tops and dresses gap on you in the cleavage area. Augmentation can help you fill these out better and make the clothes look like they are supposed to. 

The Drawbacks of Breast Augmentation

When it comes to any surgery, there will be some downsides. Here is what you want to keep in mind.

Experiencing Downtime

After surgery, you will need time to heal. If you are considering augmentation for OnlyFans, this may mean taking up to two months off from creating content as your bruises and swelling go down. 

Getting the Look and Feel You Want

Implants can look and feel unnatural. However, with newer technologies, such as Natrelle gummy bear implants, this is less of an issue. 

Paying for Surgery

Of course, if your OF game is strong, you likely already have the funds. If not, most surgeons offer financing options.

So, should you boost your boobs for more subscribers? That is something only you can answer. But for sure, breast augmentation can be a game-changer, OF or not. 

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New Boobs to Boost Your OnlyFans Account? Um, Maybe?
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New Boobs to Boost Your OnlyFans Account? Um, Maybe?
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