Chemical Peels

Maybe Skip the Scarification and Get a Legit Chemical Peel Instead

Legit Chemical Peel

Legit Chemical PeelWe are all familiar with the adage “beauty is pain.” You can see it in the determined faces of the women walking into the med spas, teetering atop their stiletto heels, ready to try the latest and greatest trend in beauty.

Combine that with the growing acceptance of various body modification, ranging from discreet body piercing to full-blown scarification, and it seems that we’ve collectively decided we’ll go to any lengths to achieve the look we want.

Instead of allowing a person to carve intricate designs in your flesh, maybe you’d like to consider refreshing your look with something much more revitalizing and less… scarring. Like a customized chemical peel!

The New and Improved Chemical Peel

While the idea of getting a chemical peel isn’t new, the technology behind these med spa treatments has continued to evolve.

     Advanced techniques allow trained medical aestheticians to create custom treatment blends, designed to target the issues you want without messing with anything you don’t.

Not only that, but the strengths can be adjusted as well. So whether you want a quick refresher with the changing seasons or a full overhaul, a fully customized option is possible to help you meet your personal goals.

Heal Your Way to Beautiful Skin

While both scarification and chemical peels work by creating controlled damage to the skin, chemical peels focus on the skin’s surface and, unlike scarification, reveal more beautiful skin. Fine lines and wrinkles can be diminished as your skin softens and discolorations fade.

So maybe skip the extreme modification options and focus on creating beauty in a way you won’t regret.


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