Vajayjay Treatments

Making Over Your Mommy-Maker


Woman in bikini If bikini waxing or vajazzling aren’t enough to make you confident about the looks of your lady bits, there’s always the option of genital rejuvenation. These surgical and nonsurgical procedures designed just for girl parts can address virtually all aesthetic (and even a few medical) issues you could possibly imagine.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal rejuvenation—it sounds like a vacation for your poonani. But while vaginal rejuvenation technically refers to vaginoplasty (tightening too-loose inner vaginal muscles), the term has come to encompass oh so much more.

Let’s take labiaplasty (reducing the size of the labia) and perineoplasty (repair of the vaginal muscles). While labiaplasty is generally only performed for cosmetic reasons (although an excessively large labia can be quite physically uncomfortable), perineoplasty can correct numerous issues, including incontinence and pain during intercourse. You can even mix-n-match procedures for a better final result.

Ditching the Camel Toe

Just when you thought your body had run out of places to sag, suddenly your mons is headed towards your knees. Monsplasty is a procedure that lifts as well as reduces the size of the mons pubis (the fatty mound above the pubic bone) when mere liposuction is powerless to address it. After pregnancy (particularly after a C-Section) or weight gain, your mons can not only bulge, it can slacken considerably.

Honestly, no one’s nether regions are exceptionally gorgeous. Nevertheless, there’s no reason for you not to feel good about every part of your body, so go ahead and give your goods that tune-up.

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