Liposuction to Look Even Better at a Party? Um, Yes, Please?

Lovely brunette lady holding a wine glass at a party.

Lovely brunette lady holding a wine glass at a party.So, you’ve got a big event looming ahead of you. How should you prepare for the day?

Shopping? Of course.

Spa day? Absolutely!

Lipo? Yep! Add it to the list!

Okay, so getting liposuction before a big event may or may not be the right choice for you. It really comes down to a few things: How long do you have before the special occasion, how special is it and — oh yeah — do you actually want lipo?

It’s the Final Countdown

We are all big fans of liposuction here. It’s quick, simple and highly effective. At the same time, we can acknowledge that it is still a form of surgery and therefore requires downtime and patience when it comes to results.

Despite what the haters say, lipo is not a quick fix. If you have a big event coming up soon, it may be too late for lipo to be the solution you need.

So if your big event is tomorrow, you can’t exactly run to a plastic surgeon and get liposuction today. If that’s the case, invest in some Spanx and hope for the best.

Keep in mind that visible results can take as long as three months to develop, thanks to the swelling that results from the procedure. Final results can take up to six months. So, based on that timeline, you’ll want to schedule your procedure at least four months in advance. But if you’re already inside that window, don’t worry — there are other options.

One Epic Night

Okay, so this big event you’re gearing up for is four or more months away. Does this mean that you need to schedule liposuction like, right now?

The truth is that it’s totally up to you and your personal preferences and goals. Is this your 10-year reunion and a stark reminder of your age? Is it your wedding day? We vote worth it!

On the other hand, is the event your parents’ 30th wedding anniversary being held at some chain restaurant? Perhaps not so lipo-worthy.

Of course, what is and isn’t lipo-worthy is, like beauty, in the eye of the beholder. And maybe you are just looking for an excuse to get the lipo you have been wanting for a while. Which brings us to…

Do You Actually Want Lipo?

No one has to get liposuction before a big event, no matter how big that event is. If you feel just fine as you are, or if you feel like you can get the boost you need with your shapewear or prefer something a little less invasive, like UltraShape® Power, then you do you.

But if you love the idea of trimming your figure and giving your healthy diet and exercise habits a boost, why not go for the gold and get liposuction? So long as you don’t go overboard, you will look great and feel great. And when you think about it, isn’t a little nip and tuck just part of being your best self and living your best life?


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Liposuction to Look Even Better at a Party? Um, Yes, Please?
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Liposuction to Look Even Better at a Party? Um, Yes, Please?
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