Laser Hair Removal

LHR: The Best Way to Zap Away Your Lady ‘Stache?

Lady Stache

The lumbersexual look is a big hit Lady Stachefor dudes these days. It’s as if the male set under 40 are going with “the more hair, the better” as their mantra, rocking all manner of facial hair. A lot of ladies wouldn’t mind if the same trend was true for them.

A Hairy Situation

It’s true that in every life a little hair must grow. But genetics have doomed some of us to have more than our fair share of hair, and it’s not likely that lady mustaches are going to be trending anytime soon. Only Frida Kahlo could make female facial hair look good, but she didn’t have many options in her day. Luckily for the women of the new millennium, there are many hair removal methods to choose from.

Finding the Right Hair Removal Method

Chances are, if you have a lady ‘stache, you’ve struggled to rid yourself of it. You know that razors are a no-go; razor burn is a distinct possibility and hair grows back with a vengeance. Wax treatment is high maintenance, requiring regular salon visits or messy DIY productions at home. Some ladies try to bleach their mustaches, but blonde fuzz still counts as a mustache. Thankfully, laser hair removal has come to our rescue.

Say Goodbye Forever

Laser hair removal is a safe, effective treatment that offers a permanent reduction in unwanted hair. The cosmetic procedure works by using a laser to target hair follicles beneath the skin’s surface, halting hair during its growth phase. Because hair grows in stages, several treatments are recommended in order to zap the hairs that want to grow up to be a lady ‘stache. Most women are able to bid a final farewell to their facial hair within three treatment sessions.

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