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Ladies, Potpourri Is NOT the “Improvement” Your Vajayjay Needs

scent sticks and potpourri

scent sticks and potpourriWe are all for self-improvement, even when it comes to your vajayjay. But there’s a line, and we think these herbal vagina detox balls have totally crossed it. Apparently little mesh bags full of herbs and blossoms aren’t just for making tea anymore. Now, you can put them inside your vagina! But, is this actually a good idea? (Please don’t say you think it is!)

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Vagina?

According to the people selling these things, you’re just being uptight because wise ancient women used to stick these weird vagina tea bags up there all the time to “detox” their lady business. Well, yeah, but ancient doctors also used to treat sick people by literally draining their blood and went around giving morphine to fussy babies.

We all love old-timey things like handlebar moustaches and vintage tea sets, but this is going too far.

When it Comes to Vagina Detoxing, Just Say “Nope”

So, let’s just say we’d even consider placing some sachet full of plant matter inside our hoo-ha. What then? Well, you just leave it up there. For 3 days. Yes, three. Days. I don’t think you need to be a vagina expert to know that’s not going to end well, and gynecologists agree. Your vag does not need to be “detoxed.”

News Flash: Geneveve™ Actually Works and Isn’t Super Gross

The good news is there are things you can do to improve your lady parts that won’t compromise your feminine hygiene or your self-respect. If you’re hoping to tighten things up, Geneveve™ is a legit treatment for vaginal laxity. It’s non-surgical and it totally works. Plus, it’s clean, sanitary and done by a trained professional – and you absolutely cannot order it on the internet.

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Ladies, Potpourri Is NOT the "Improvement" Your Vajayjay Needs
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Ladies, Potpourri Is NOT the "Improvement" Your Vajayjay Needs
Looking for a truly effective treatment for vaginal laxity? Geneveve really works, but vagina de-toxing tea bags from the internet definitely do not.
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