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Just Say No to Plastic Surgery Stigma – Ain’t No Shame!

Closeup portrait of young lady holding a mirror

Closeup portrait of young lady holding a mirrorMost of us have been there. You look in the mirror, fixate on something you don’t like, then grab your phone and hop onto good old Google. What can you do to battle your wrinkles, lift your breasts or get rid of that stubborn fat on your tummy? Dr. Google shall tell you the answer.

And while the results always have plenty of ideas related to creams, exercises and dieting, they also include plastic surgery procedures. You know, the stuff that actually works!

But with the excitement of having a real solution comes hesitancy, always related to plastic surgery stigma

What will people think when they find out you’ve gotten something done? Are you just taking the easy way out? Shouldn’t you do the hard work and learn to love yourself as you are? What message are you sending to other women?


Time to put the brakes on that runaway train that is your brain. And let’s answer some questions.

Would you not color or cut your hair because of what other people think? Is wearing makeup taking the easy way out? Do you carefully consider how you are uplifting your fellow women with your day-to-day outfits and looks?

If you are worried about plastic surgery stigma, stop worrying about what others think and prioritize your own relationship with your body.

My guess is your answer to all of these questions is a resounding no. As it should be. 

When it comes to your looks, you do you. Whether this involves plastic surgery or not is up to you, but don’t let others’ opinions stop you. And that is great advice in all areas of life. Remember: you deserve to love what you see in the mirror as much as any celebrity does

Breaking the Cycle of Plastic Surgery Stigma

The first step is to acknowledge that this stigma is completely undeserved and you have the right to do what makes you happy, including making permanent changes to your face and body. Take all the time you need with that one because for many, it is a major shift in the way you think. Yes, your body is yours, and it exists to serve you. 

The next step is to connect with others who embrace plastic surgery, med spa procedures and everything else related to beauty, fashion and even body modifications. Depending on where you live and how conservative it is, you may find that you completely lack in-person support when it comes to considering getting some procedures done. However, you can find your tribe online.

There are plenty of communities on social media where you can connect with others who have had the surgeries you are interested in; there are tummy tuck Facebook groups, breast augmentation pages on Insta and more. Not only will this offer you vital support, but it will help you realize that there isn’t just one type of person who gets work done.

From there, consider breaking the silence for yourself once you get the procedures of your choosing. Depending on what you get done, radio silence might not even be an option. So rather than hide, embrace it. Talk about your procedures, normalize plastic surgery and help others leave the stigma behind. Your happiness, and theirs, is worth it. 

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Just Say No to Plastic Surgery Stigma - Ain’t No Shame!
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Just Say No to Plastic Surgery Stigma - Ain’t No Shame!
Are you avoiding getting something done because of plastic surgery stigma? Plastic surgery enthusiast RaveBabe explains why you should do whatever makes you happy.
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