Just How Smart Is Smartlipo™, Anyway?

Woman in red

Woman in red bathing suit Look at you, all trim and healthy after years of eating well and working out religiously! So, why are you so reluctant to wear a bikini? Pockets of fat that just won’t budge no matter how hard you train? Bummer! Well, you have your choice of wearing a nice, tasteful floral muumuu, or melting that fat away. Liposuction, you say? Smart choice. No one should have to take up the uniform of a Golden Girl unless no other options are available.

Smartlipo™ Cannot Do Calculus

But then, neither can we. Nevertheless, Smartlipo™ is actually a pretty darned smart technique. This laser-assisted liposuction procedure uses laser heat to liquefy fat before it’s removed using suction. This means a much gentler sculpting process than traditional lipo, which mainly relies on physical force to break apart and remove fatty deposits.

The process takes very little time—sometimes less than two hours—and can be done under a local anesthetic. Recovery time should be very short, with minimal swelling or discomfort compared to traditional lipo.

Are You Smart Enough for Smartlipo™?

While there’s no IQ prerequisite, the best candidates for Smartlipo™ should be in good health but have isolated, stubborn fat deposits (like love handles) that do not sag. It’s very important that there’s no skin laxity, as this could mean a different procedure might be a better option for you instead.

Smartlipo™ can’t and shouldn’t be used as a substitute for actual weight loss, so make sure you’re at a healthy weight before booking your appointment. When all the crunches and leg lifts in the world have failed you, don’t despair over your pooch or let your muffin top prevent you from conquering the beach: get smart and zap that fat!

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