Just a Reminder: Your Breast Implants Could Be Tax Deductible

tax savings on boob implants

tax savings on boob implantsDo your bazingas rake in the dough? If so, could a tax beak be in order for your boob job? Turns out, an exotic dancer by the stage name “Chesty Love” was awarded a tax deduction for her breast implants back in 1994, when a U.S. Court ruled that those puppies were a business expense. And with a name like hers, can we blame them for the ruling?

Seriously though, don’t count on your new boobs to earn you a hefty tax refund. But if you’re considering plastic surgery anyway, here are five good reasons why you might want to say yes to breast implants.

  1. You’ll Feel on Top of the World

    Lots of women say that a top-notch boob job has boosted their self-confidence and changed their self-image for the better. Of course, you should still be in a healthy state of mind before getting plastic surgery. And you definitely shouldn’t get a size up just to impress someone else. It’s all about taking care of number-one, girlfriend.

  2. Say Sayonara to Sagging

    Did you know that breast implants with a lift can give your girls their perk back? Add a breast lift into the mix, and you can say goodbye to saggy boobs while still getting a little extra va-va-voom in the volume department.

  3. Turn Back Time

    If I could turn back time, if I could find a way … I’d get breast implants sooner. Joking aside, getting a breast augmentation sooner rather than later can help you to look younger and more refreshed. Not only does adding a lift address sagging — which can give away your age — but breast enhancement can also help you feel more youthful, adding a little extra pep to your step.

  4. Get Ready to Go on a Shopping Spree

    You’ll have a pretty good idea of what your final breast enhancement results will look like around the three-month mark.

    Because who doesn’t need another reason to pull out the plastic — your credit card, that is — and load up on new clothes, bikinis and lingerie? Your boob job could be the perfect excuse to treat yourself to a whole new wardrobe.

    But before you head out, know that the size and shape of your new boobs are likely to change in the next few months after your boob job. So don’t floor the gas pedal too soon on your shopping trip.

  5. This Investment Could Last a Lifetime

    Contrary to popular belief, there isn’t a set timeframe in which you need to have your breast implants replaced. Really, they only need to be looked at and possibly changed if there is a problem, like a tear or rupture. For some women, this might happen around 10 years after they get implants. But for others, it could be longer.

    The bottom line is that you will get your money’s worth out of your breast implants — just make sure you choose a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon for the job. No bargain hunting your boob job, ladies.

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Just a Reminder: Your Breast Implants Could Be Tax Deductible
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Just a Reminder: Your Breast Implants Could Be Tax Deductible
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