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Jogging with Breast Implants: 4 Tips for Staying Active after Augmentation

Breast Implants

Breast ImplantsAvid runners who decide to get breast implants will have a special set of concerns that need to be addressed before and after surgery. By following these tips below, you can help ensure your breast augmentation won’t interfere with your love of running.

  1. Communicate Clearly with Your Surgeon

    Speak very honestly with your surgeon before surgery about your preferred level of physical activity and listen to your surgeon’s advice regarding implant size. In order to help you meet your goals for appearance as well as activity level, your surgeon needs to have a clear understanding of your hopes and expectations.

  2. Choose the Right Size Implants

    When choosing an implant size, joggers should consider how their breasts feel and move while running. Getting implants means you’re adding volume and mass to your chest, so opting for moderately-sized breast implants may be the best way to ensure that your new breasts don’t interfere with your arm movements, contribute to back pain or bounce uncomfortably.

  3. Ease Back into Your Exercise Routine

    If you’re a dedicated runner, you’ll undoubtedly be anxious to return to your favorite sport after your surgery. However, your body will need time to heal before you reintroduce strenuous activity. Take it easy after breast augmentation and ease back into your morning jog slowly, starting with leisurely walks. Support will also be very important for your new breasts, so talk to your surgeon about which types of sports bras you should use.

  4. Follow Doctor’s Orders

    To reduce the likelihood of complications and help ensure a stress-free recovery, follow your doctor’s orders post-op. Pushing yourself too soon or ignoring your recovery instructions could end up compromising your results, so try to be patient and know that you’ll be back on the trail again soon enough.

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