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Is Your Smartphone Making You Look Old?

Selfie at the hairdresser

Selfie at the hairdresser It seems as though there is no force on earth that would cause us to stop focusing on our smartphones while ignoring everything else around us. However, we might have stumbled upon the only side effect that could cause the love affair to end. They’re making us look old! Noooooooo…

Yes. Yes It Is.

Constantly squinting at an iPhone during dinner is not only rude and obnoxious, we’re beginning to find that doing so might cause us to contort our heads and faces in unnatural ways, making us susceptible to wrinkles, lines, creases, and the dreaded “turkey waddle.”

We have three choices:

  1. Stop using them (yeah, right).
  2. Have laser rejuvenation treatments that can combat the accelerated aging.
  3. Hold the smartphones above our heads and only use them while looking upward (difficult while driving).

We think laser treatments are the most reasonable option.

Laser resurfacing treatments facilitate collagen production in the skin, enhancing natural elasticity and resulting in smoother, firmer and plumper skin. These treatments can be performed non-surgically in med spas. The discomfort is generally slight, and recovery time is very short.

We don’t anticipate that the aging side effects will have a measureable affect on the public’s use of their smartphones, but at least there are effective solutions. If you’ve found that years of texting, squinting and web-browsing on your mobile device might have led to a crepe-papery neck and frown lines, consider taking advantage of the abundant med spa treatments that can remedy these issues. Of course, you can try holding your smartphone higher while using it, but that will only increase the possibility of winding up like this poor soul.

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