Is There an Alternative to Liposuction?

Alternative to Liposuction

Alternative to Liposuction If you have a few problem areas you’d like to slim down, your first strategy probably revolves around diet and exercise. While this approach is great for losing weight and getting healthier, you can’t really control exactly which fat deposits are lost. Sometimes, although you’re in otherwise good shape, troublesome areas remain behind that just won’t disappear. Previously, liposuction was the only real solution for eliminating these areas for good, but now there are several nonsurgical options that are touted as equally effective. Do any of these offer a true alternative to liposuction?

Giving Fat the Cold Shoulder

One of the most popular alternatives to liposuction right now is the idea of cryolipolysis, or the application of extreme cold to freeze the fat cells, then letting the body’s natural elimination processes handle the rest. This procedure is performed completely externally, so there aren’t any incisions or scars. But does it really work?

One main problem is that cryolipolysis is generally most effective in treating fat deposits around the waistline, making this a limited option at best. The other concern is that it can take months to see the results, since you’re waiting for the body to eliminate the treated fat cells on its own.

External Approaches

Other alternatives to lipo include the external application of laser energy or ultrasound energy. Both options are designed to target fat cells by penetrating the skin’s outer layers. The affected cells are ruptured by the laser or ultrasound, leaving the body to eliminate them over the following several months after your appointment.

So which one should you book? The majority of cosmetic surgeons will tell you that liposuction is the only option that delivers reliable, proven results. When you have one solution that actually works, why mess with alternatives?

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