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Is Sitting Going to Be the Death of Your Perky Butt?

Perky Butt

Perky ButtIt seems like everyone is hating on sitting these days. Sitting could be hazardous to your health in a myriad of ways, scientists say. Muscle degeneration? Check. High blood pressure? Elevated cholesterol? Back pain? A higher risk of dying? Check. Check. Check. As if you need another reason to get moving, experts are saying sitting isn’t all that great for your butt either because your glutes take a vacation and grow weak, affecting movement through out your body. Years of sitting may even flatten your booty.

But I Don’t Want a Flat Booty

  • No one does, friend. There are those who are blessed with a curvy bottom and those who envy them. And if your job — or Netflix habit — has you sitting a little too long, a little too often, you may be headed farther into the envy zone. That doesn’t have to be your fate though.

Give Your Butt a Chance to Shine

  • There are a couple things you can do to make sure your butt is covered when Father Time catches up with you.
  • Get up and move already. Take a lap around your office every hour. Or grab a tasty beverage to get through the afternoon slump.
  • Try an exercise routine that targets your butt muscles. Keep in mind, though, that while exercise can slim and tone your butt, it won’t change the shape or duplicate the unique results of a Brazilian butt lift.
  • Make the Brazilian butt lift your secret weapon.
  •     A fuller, rounder bottom is just around the corner when you have a BBL in your back pocket. And the benefits? You get a shapelier derrière, liposuction on a trouble spot and long-lasting results using your own fat. Just don’t sit on your butt for 2 to 6 weeks for the best results.

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