Is Lunchtime Lipo a Real Thing?

Lunchtime Lipo

Lunchtime LipoOur culture is many things … but patient is not one of them.

We want access to everything instantly these days—fast Internet, instant customer support, microwave pizza bagels that are done in one minute instead of two. And now, as you might expect, our culture is in search of these instantaneous results from our cosmetic surgery enhancements.

Consider the case of Dr. Aaron Rollins, an LA-based (and self-proclaimed) liposuction expert. With the help of laser-assisted lipo techniques, Dr. Rollins has patented the “lunchtime lipo” procedure. This nomenclature comes from how speedy the lipo is—fast enough to fit in over your lunch break and still return to the office in time to present your pitch to those bigwigs from corporate.

Sure, it sounds like a nifty deal, but is this really a good thing? Has our desire for instant gratification led us down a dark and potentially unhealthy cosmetic surgery path?

Lasers over Lunch

The incredibly quick results that Dr. Rollins offers come from the type of liposuction he performs. Laser is a somewhat new contender in the liposuction ring, yet it has proven itself time and again to be a great option for hiding the evidence of all those times we didn’t skip lunch.

Jokes aside, these fast lipo options are good for the industry at large, but they must be approached cautiously. After all, just because we can get lipo over lunch doesn’t necessarily mean that we should. Personally, I don’t like the idea of my surgeon watching the clock and bragging about the land speed records he’s setting while I’m lying there on the table.

While there’s nothing wrong with a lipo touch-up here and there, you should always make sure that you go to a surgeon you trust—never sacrifice quality for speed. And never skip lunch.

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