Is Liposuction Part of the Fall Fashion Lineup?

Woman in White

Woman in WhiteWhile cosmetic surgery can certainly change lives by improving self-confidence, I feel that cosmetic surgeons have a responsibility to take a more measured approach when a surgery becomes “all the rage.” As a recent example, calf liposuction has lately been in the news. Let’s look at why this trend is catching on and whether calf lipo is worth the complexity and risk required to create the look these fashion mavens are after.

The Higher the Boot, the Slimmer the Calf?

Even in mild autumn weather of Tampa Bay, women love to bring out the tall boots when the leaves start to change. While strappy sandals leave legs plenty of room to breathe, some of fall’s trendiest boot styles leave little extra room for the calves, even in very fit women.

“Boot bulge” is given as the justification behind scores of ladies turning to liposuction of the calves and “cankles” to help slim the fat in their lower legs in order to accommodate this season’s higher, tighter boot styles.

Using Caution

While the fashion trend status of this cosmetic surgery may imply that the procedure itself is relatively simple, liposuction in the lower legs is actually extremely complex. Beyond that, calf lipo is only an option for women whose rounder calves are composed mostly of fat, not dense fibrous muscle.

Ultimately, this procedure and any other crazy cosmetic surgery trends should be approached with a little more gravity than the attitude that your body can be changed as easily as swapping out your summer tank tops for fall sweaters. Cosmetic surgery should be performed for the right reasons, and fashion trends should not be counted among them.

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