Is Lipo a Cheat Sheet for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss

Liposuction patient In the 21st century, it might seem absurd to have to lose weight through diet and exercise when we have so many surgical tools at our disposal. Why should we suffer the indignities of CrossFit if we can just march into a med spa? Couldn’t a skilled surgeon simply carve our desired body shape out of our current, abundantly proportioned frames?

Technically, yes—you can have quite a bit of fat (several liters, in fact) lipo-sucked from your robust tushie. However, for patients wanting to rid themselves of 20 or more pounds, that much lipo can only be done safely through several surgical procedures separated by a minimum of one month.

So, every month, you’d be losing a maximum of approximately eight pounds of fat through liposuction—roughly the same amount you’d lose through a vigilant diet and exercise regime. Unfortunately, the health benefits would be next to none, since you’d only be removing subcutaneous fat, and not the far more dangerous visceral fat. Also, the potential for complications increase the heavier the patient is.

The Best Lipo Results

For successful liposuction, it is essential that the patient is healthy. If you’re interested in losing weight, start by going on a sustainable diet and exercise program. This will allow you to not only lose the deposits of visceral fat that surround your internal organs, but will also increase your cardiovascular fitness and circulation. Then, if you do decide to get liposuction for body sculpting, you’ll be a fantastic candidate.

In short, while liposuction might seem like a magic wand, it can only perform a few tricks.

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