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Is Leg Contouring a Thing Now?

Leg Contouring

Leg ContouringGood news, ladies and gents. You can now skip leg day at the gym and still look perfectly sculpted and toned. How? With leg contouring, of course.

Is This What I Think It Is?

If you’re imagining blending various shades of makeup, as you would on your face, on each one of your legs, then yes, leg contouring is exactly what you think it is. The idea is pretty straightforward. By shading and highlighting specific areas of your legs, where you’d want to see muscle definition, you can create the optical illusion of having better-defined muscles than might really be the case.

One makeup artist named Meri, who has recently shared a video of real-life leg contouring in action, says that she drew her inspiration from a human anatomy textbook.

Don’t Wear White after… Leg Contouring?

Although there may be a decent amount of anatomical knowledge and skill behind the leg contouring craze, there are still a few burning questions left unanswered. For one, what do you do when you want to wear white shorts or sit down? And what do you say to someone when they inevitably see that your perfectly sculpted leg muscles have just washed off in the rain? And if leg contouring is such a hot ticket, then why not do it on the stomach, too, instead of getting a tummy tuck?

   Liposuction may be your preferred option to add more permanent definition to your legs.

If you’re interested a more long-term solution, liposuction is probably your best bet. Choose a board-certified plastic surgeon to help you determine how to bring out the best shape in your legs with liposuction. On the plus side, liposuction results can be very long-lasting and they won’t rinse away.

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