Mommy Makeover

Is It Time to Get Your Pre-Pregnancy Groove Back? Here’s How.

Sporty woman

Sporty woman Women’s bodies are supposed snap right back into pre-pregnancy condition after childbirth. Also, fairies grant wishes. Here are a few procedures to help bring your sexy back without magical pixie dust.

The Saggy Tummy Fix

If your 9-month passenger made your belly look more like a full laundry bag than a washboard, abdominoplasty (a tummy tuck) is your best corrective bet. More than just baby weight, if your stomach is otherwise firm but has a wad of floppy skin gathered in the middle, surgical removal is the only effective treatment. A tummy tuck also repairs diastasis recti—the “pooch” of separated abdominal muscles that occurs post-pregnancy.

Remedy for Chronic Boob Deflation

The good news is, breast feeding will not cause your breasts to sag. The bad news? Pregnancy does that! The hormonal changes that cause the breasts to grow during and after pregnancy can lead to a droopy, deflated appearance.

Depending upon the post-pregnancy look you want, you can choose a breast lift, breast implants, or both, depending upon the girls’ condition. If you had very large breasts that are now beginning to drop but still have volume, you might only want a breast lift. If you had smaller breasts that lost their perk after pregnancy, implants alone should correct the issue. If you’re somewhere in between, your surgeon might suggest both implants and a lift.

Let’s get one thing clear: you’re a mother, and by definition you are beautiful. But if you want get your pre-mommy groove back, treating yourself to a mommy makeover could be just what the doctor ordered!

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