Laser Hair Removal

Is Home Laser Hair Removal Really a Good Idea?

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
For years, going to a professional for laser hair removal has been the only option for men and women wanting to permanently eliminate unwanted body and facial hair. However, several new at-home products like Tria are gaining popularity as a do-it-yourself approach to laser hair removal. If we believe the hype, it’s perfectly safe and effective, but is at-home laser hair removal really a good idea?

The DIY Difference

  • Professional laser hair removal works by focusing an intense, pulsating beam of laser light into the hair follicles, which damages them enough to prevent regrowth. The best results are seen when performed by a certified laser technician at a reputable medical spa, and under the direct supervision of a physician.
  • With a DIY system, the same concept applies: concentrated light energy is focused at the follicle to create controlled, permanent damage that prevents future hair growth. However, all those essential factors that make LHR effective in a professional setting—like knowing exactly how far away to hold the laser to prevent surface burns, how long to target laser energy at the follicle and which setting to use—are completely absent when attempting to permanently remove hair at home.

The Pro Advantage

Sacrificing quality of results or safety in favor of saving a few bucks is never a good idea. While many people falsely assume that using LHR at home is no different than using home waxing or hair color kits, the truth is that lasers are a powerful technology that can cause serious damage, including burns and permanent discoloration, when used improperly. In order to get the best results possible and protect the safety and integrity of your skin, laser hair removal is best trusted to trained professionals.

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