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Is Eating Your Way to Bigger Boobs a Thing?

Bigger Boobs

Bigger BoobsScientists aren’t budging on the benefits of eating a healthy, nutritious diet that includes fresh foods, balanced meals and the like. You can eat your way to better health, they say. So in a world where chocolate and wine have documented health benefits, eating your way to bigger boobs could totally be a thing, right?

Not so much and you may be putting your health at risk by using supplements that could react with medication and affect your hormones, research shows.

The Theory behind a Meal for Your Boobs

Eating foods, such as soybeans or alfalfa sprouts, with phytoestrogens or plant-based estrogen-like compounds theoretically could make the girls a little bit bigger. Aphrodisiac foods, such as oysters, that boost estrogen levels, and foods that improve blood circulation (i.e., radishes, cayenne pepper, ginger) could also do the trick supposedly. Say this could actually work, how many alfalfa sprouts are we talking? Are you doomed to a non-stop diet of soy sauce drenched oysters topped with cayenne pepper and radishes?! A booblicious diet doesn’t sound so appetizing anymore, huh?

There’s a More Delicious Way

You’re welcome to try the Better Boob Diet but there’s a better way to actually see long-lasting results that won’t have you turning down a steak dinner in favor of some really great tofu. It’s called breast augmentation. Yes ladies, breast implants can take the guesswork out of your diet while adding volume to your boobs. And you’ll have a few days of down time during the initial stage of your breast augmentation recovery to enjoy that steak dinner and find some new favorite snacks.


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