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Is Cinderella Surgery the Fairy Godmother You Need?

Cinderella Surgery

Cinderella SurgeryWe all know the story of Cinderella and how the perfect outfit transformed her life from rags to riches in little more than an instant. With that in mind, is there any wonder that many of us have wished for our own Cinderella moment, resulting in the creation of a variety of Cinderella surgery? As you may have guessed from the name, many Cinderella procedures are designed to be more of a quick fix and less permanent than traditional plastic surgery, just as the glass slippers only had a temporary effect for the original Cinderella.

The Cinderella Facelift

If you’re looking for a way to transform your face in your lunch hour (or any other hour, for that matter), a Cinderella facelift could be the way to go. This procedure involves inserting threads into the face, before pulling them tight to provide a lift as quickly as a wave of that fairy godmother’s wand. If you want a more permanent result, a facelift may be more suitable. Perhaps implants could provide the look you desire?

Cinderella Surgery for the Feet

Just as Cinderella had her magical glass slippers, you’re bound to have come across the perfect pair of shoes that you know would make your life complete – if only they fit! Aside from Cinderella facelifts, various surgeons are now performing plastic surgery on the feet, with the purpose of making beautiful footwear fit even better.

   Some of the options include shortening big toes, adding padding to help the feet better deal with high heels and removing lumps and bumps that make great shoes painful.

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