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Is Cheap Plastic Surgery Ever Worth It?

Cheap Plastic Surgery

Cheap Plastic SurgeryHow do you feel about being scarred for life? Or saddled with lopsided boobs? Or having to pay for revision surgery to straighten out a botched job? That bargain-basement liposuction isn’t so cheap if you have to pay for it twice. The obvious answer is that mega-cheap plastic surgery is never worth it, for many reasons including the fact that your back-alley boob job could be the end of you.


You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to cheap plastic surgery, the risks far outweigh the rewards of scoring a deal. There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of a legit sale from a board-certified plastic surgeon, but there’s nothing right about checking into someone’s basement for a cheap procedure or traveling abroad for a boob job from a doctor with sketchy credentials.


And You Should Pay for an Expert

Do you really want Dr. Sketchy trying to save your life if something goes wrong? Board-certified plastic surgeons go through years of education and training to become doctors before they get to the specific training to be a plastic surgeon. When you book your procedure with the real deal, that’s roughly a decade of medical training in your corner, whereas Dr. Sketchy may not even be certified in CPR.


Treat Yourself

Let’s say you come through bargain-basement surgery without any complications. Good news, right? Maybe not. Surviving your boob job doesn’t mean you’ve ended up with results that aren’t just as sketchy as your questionable surgeon. Whether you’re planning a mommy makeover, breast augmentation or other plastic surgery procedure, save yourself some heartache, time and moolah and invest in a plastic surgeon who actually knows what they’re doing, and wants to put their hard-won skills to work helping you.

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