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Is Calf Reshaping the Next Plastic Surgery Trend?

Calf Reshaping

Calf ReshapingIf you’ve ever gazed down at your legs and thought longingly, “What I really need is a pair of shapelier calves,” you’re in luck. What began as a much-needed scar treatment for burn victims has since evolved to meet a range of critical beauty needs. Fat grafting has finally come to the rescue of chicken legs everywhere.

Countless men and women have suffered silently from the scourge of skinny legs, shunning activities that would expose their slim calves. After all, what good is the ability to walk if you can’t truly strut your stuff?

Fat Relocation Program

Desperate to remedy their situation, some people have relied on implants to add contours to their calves. But as fat grafting for cosmetic use has gained in popularity, plastic surgeons are now able to transfer unwanted fat from other areas of the body directly into the calves.

Candidates for calf reshaping can use liposuction to siphon away fat that is diet and exercise resistant. A portion of the fat removed via liposuction can then be injected into its new home in the calves, with considerably smaller incisions than those necessary with calf implant surgery.

A Warm Welcome for Fat

Cosmetic fat transfers are an all-around win-win, slenderizing the body’s contours while offering unwanted fat a second chance to thrive in a fresh location. And calves aren’t the only body part to reap the cosmetic benefits of fat grafting: women can even opt for breast augmentation using fat transfer. Fat transfers can also be used to fill in facial features instead of using synthetic dermal fillers.

In short, stop hating fat, and start thinking about more ways to make it work for you.

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