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Is an Instagram Plastic Surgery Doll Reeling You in or What?

Woman in pink sweater and brown plaid skirt on orange background.

Woman in pink sweater and brown plaid skirt on orange background.Instagram is THE place to go for beauty and fitness inspiration. Who doesn’t follow at least a few beauty gurus and influencers on the platform?

However, if you are looking to get a little nip and tuck, you might have come across a subcommunity of accounts that isn’t so well-known: Instagram plastic surgery dolls.

Is It as Creepy as It Sounds?

Instagram plastic surgery dolls aren’t what you think, and they might convince you to get your own work done.

Hearing “plastic surgery dolls” likely brings up an image of someone whose work is so overdone, they have crossed the line into the Uncanny Valley. You know they are human, yet your brain feels uncertain.

Maybe a combination of Joan River’s face, Dolly Parton’s chest, and Amanda Lepore’s lips.

The truth is quite different — and that is why these Instagram plastic surgery dolls might be reeling you into getting your own cosmetic surgery done.

The Truth about the Dolls

So, if they aren’t residents of the Uncanny Valley, what are these plastic surgery dolls?

Human billboards for plastic surgery offices.

Now, that doesn’t sound so appealing, but hear us out — it could be a good thing.

Could being the operative word here.

When you go to evaluate a plastic surgeon, what is one of the first things you do? You go to their website. And once there, you check out the before and after photos of their work.

But there is a lot missing from this. Sure, you can see where they started and where they ended, but you miss a lot of things. For example:

  • They don’t tell you what the patient’s goals were.
  • They never show you the consultation or planning process.
  • They don’t go into the truth about the recovery period.
  • They never follow up with the patient more than a few months after the surgery.

Instagram plastic surgery dolls take you on the full journey. They work with, and represent, a single surgeon or practice and start their accounts by documenting their goals then take their followers through the entire process — often including the not-so-glamorous details. You get to follow them and their results for the long-term.

Why This Might Reel You In — and Why You Should Reconsider

If you think about it, it’s an interesting way to see what a surgeon can truly do. If you are considering, say, a reality-star inspired boob job, you could locate SX accounts (the “secret” tag that leads to the dolls) for the surgeons you are considering and see their process and results in-depth.

We should stop here and say that following these accounts may be a more rigorous process than you think.

These pages are not open to the public in most cases. When you request to follow, they typically screen you to make sure you are who you say you are and that you are ready and willing to go under the knife. And most are women-only pages.

So, if they show the surgery process from start to finish, what could be the downside?

You don’t know that anything they present is true.

The surgeons they claim to represent rarely verify the accounts, the Instagram plastic surgery dolls do not verify their identity and unless you are a Photoshop-spotting expert, there is a chance that the results they are showing are digitally enhanced.

So, if you are getting reeled in by a doll, be sure to do your homework before going under the knife.


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Is an Instagram Plastic Surgery Doll Reeling You in or What?
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Is an Instagram Plastic Surgery Doll Reeling You in or What?
What is an Instagram plastic surgery doll? It isn’t what you think. Here is what you should know about these accounts and whether or not they should reel you in.
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