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Internal Bras: Breast Lift Solution or Gimmick?

Woman covering breast

Woman covering breastMany women hope for dramatic cleavage after a breast augmentation, or want to enjoy the benefits of a breast lift without the necessary scars. Now there’s a device that promises to address both those concerns simultaneously: the Orbix Breast Supporting System, nicknamed the “internal bra.” Can this little gadget really deliver on those claims?

How It Works

The internal bra is a thin sheet of silicone that’s inserted between the skin and breast tissue to cup the underside of the breast. The device is supported by silk threads that are attached to the ribs using tiny titanium anchors. The result is a high, perky silhouette that can normally only be achieved with a good push-up bra, as the breasts are internally supported and lifted from within. The incisions used during the placement process are small enough that the internal bra is sometimes referred to as a “scarless” breast lift.

Compared to a traditional breast lift, the internal bra claims to offer longer-lasting support because the breasts are supported by the silicone sheet rather than relying on your natural anatomy. The theory is that, over time, gravity wouldn’t have as much of an impact on your breast profile.

Better than Breast Lifts?

Before getting into any pros and cons, keep in mind that this device has not yet received FDA approval for use in the United States, so at this point any benefits remain purely hypothetical. The question of whether an internal bra could deliver results that are better than a breast lift remains to be seen, although the idea is innovative and makes sense from a logical perspective. For now, if you want a fuller, firmer bust line, choosing a breast lift remains your most reliable option.

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