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Injectable Fillers for Your Nipples?! How Is That a Thing?

injectable fillers for nipples

injectable fillers for nipplesSo you’ve probably heard of injectable fillers for facial wrinkles and plumping up your pout. Well, apparently the latest trend is to use these same injectables to make your nipples perkier.

But before you toss your cares to the wind and sign up for such a strange procedure, here’s what you should know.

Just Say No to Nipple Injections

As you might imagine, there are a few big red flags with using injectable fillers for your nipples. The first and most obvious is that this use of hyaluronic acid fillers is definitely not approved by the FDA, so there’s no telling if it’s safe or even effective.

Secondly, OUCH.

Third, you might not be able to breastfeed down the road, and you could wind up with a nasty infection if you’re not careful. And did I already say, OUCH?!

Step on the brakes if you’re even thinking about nipple injections. There’s a better way.

A Better Breast Augmentation Combination

If you must have an add-on to your breast enhancement endeavor, please leave your nipples alone and just add a breast lift. A breast lift and breast augmentation combination can do so much more than crazy HA injections, plus your results will last a whole lot longer.

A breast lift can even help to adjust the position of your nipples if you’re worried about asymmetry or sagging. Just consult a real plastic surgeon who knows what they’re doing, and stay away from wacky plastic surgery trends like injectable fillers for bigger nipples.


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Injectable Fillers for Your Nipples?! How Is That a Thing?
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Injectable Fillers for Your Nipples?! How Is That a Thing?
Should you make this crazy new trend a part of your breast augmentation combination? RaveBabe thinks absolutely not, but you could add a breast lift.
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