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Imbalanced Boobs? Breast Implants to the Rescue!

Imbalanced Boobs

Imbalanced Boobs Breasts can be like soap opera twins: one of them sweet, pleasant and attractive, and the other awkward, needy and unaccountably uglier than the other. You’ve endured the evil twin for too long; it’s time that she knew her place.

To one degree or another, practically every woman has one breast that’s slightly bigger, slightly lower or just a little bit perkier than the other. Occasionally, the difference is substantial. Fortunately, breast enhancement isn’t just for increasing the overall size of both your breasts, but can also be used to create symmetry.

A Customized Breast Asymmetry Solution

Breast augmentation isn’t (or shouldn’t be) a one-size-fits-all process. The best breast surgeon will take your existing breast tissue, size, shape and frame all into consideration in order to determine the best course for you.

Breast implants don’t come in inseparable packs of two, so it’s entirely possible (and common) to have one implant slightly larger than the other. Your plastic surgeon can customize your breast implant size to suit your individual needs.

Also, breast implants might not necessarily be the only answer. If you have one breast that’s markedly larger and you prefer your smaller breast, you can have a reduction in other. If one breast is migrating southward at a faster speed, you can have a lift performed on that side only.

You don’t have to spend the rest of your life using gel inserts and other accessories to balance out your boobs. A highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon can help you permanently transform your mismatched pair into a dynamic duo.

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