If You’re Hoping to Lose Weight with Lipo, Hope Again

liposuction for weight loss

liposuction for weight lossIt might seem like a procedure that literally vacuums out pesky fat cells would be the perfect weight loss solution, but the truth is that lipo isn’t going to drastically change the number on the scale.

But even though liposuction isn’t for weight loss, it can help you get your beach body back on track.

Don’t Expect to Drop Major Pounds…

The cold hard truth is that liposuction simply wasn’t designed as a weight loss tool. If you only drop 2 to 5 pounds after this popular body contouring treatment, you’ll be in the norm. In fact, since lipo can cause some swelling, you might even gain a pound or two temporarily until the swelling subsides.

So you should definitely not give up your gym membership or yoga classes, because you can totally still gain weight after liposuction.

Liposuction and exercise go together like peanut butter and jelly.

…But You’ll Feel Better in Your Bikini

Now that the disclaimers above are out of the way, there are still some big benefits to getting liposuction, even if weight loss isn’t one of them. Lipocan help you ditch those pesky love handles and other trouble spotsthat have been hanging around despite giving it your all at the gym.

And, maybe most importantly, you know that itsy bitsy bikini that’s been collecting dust in the back of the drawer? It – and the rest of your wardrobe – will fit better, leaving you with renewed confidence to strut your stuff on the boardwalk all summer long.



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If You’re Hoping to Lose Weight with Lipo, Hope Again
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If You’re Hoping to Lose Weight with Lipo, Hope Again
Thinking about getting liposuction for weight loss? Stop right there! RaveBabe explains the limitations of lipo, plus some of its biggest benefits.
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