If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn, Well, You’ve Got Problems

angry looking cowgirl

angry looking cowgirlLiposuction is in high demand and there’s no shortage of doctors offering it at their practices. The problem with this is not all of them should be doing so. You really have to be discerning about where you get your plastic surgery. Cheap liposuction is never, ever a good idea.

Case In Point: Barn Lipo

Before we continue, let’s establish that there is a real story behind the urgency to warn you about shady liposuction practitioners. Recently, Michigan police responded to a 911 call reporting that a woman seemed to be having a bad reaction to her liposuction procedure. Sadly, that’s not surprising considering the woman was having lipo done in a barn. Yes, a barn. The “doctor” operating out of said barn has since had his license suspended, but doesn’t mean there aren’t more like him out there.

Please Never Have Liposuction in a Barn

There are a lot of things that should happen in a barn, and liposuction is not one of them.

Many of us wouldn’t get our hair or nails done in a barn, much less a surgical procedure. Where do we even begin to list all the things that are wrong with this? First, you could clean a barn until the actual cows came home and it still wouldn’t be anywhere near sterile. If you want liposuction, don’t get desperate.

Go to a reputable, experienced plastic surgeon who operates in a hospital or surgical center – no exceptions. If you Google “liposuction doctors near me” and any of your results show a picture of a barn, warehouse, or basically anything other than an actual surgical practice, steer clear. And, also report them to the proper authorities.

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If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn, Well, You've Got Problems
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If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn, Well, You've Got Problems
Wait, liposuction doctors near me are doing surgery out of barns? Hopefully not, but just in case: here's why you literally shouldn't go there.
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