If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn at Midnight, You’ve Got Problems

lipo in a barn

lipo in a barnIf your liposuction appointment involves sliding open a barn door in the middle of nowhere at midnight, you’re doing it wrong. Believe it or not, this actually happened to someone. Pretty please with sugar on top, do not make the same mistake.

Your LipoSesh Shouldn’t Feel Like a Horror Flick

Believe it or not, getting liposuction should never feel like you’re walking right into a horror film. If your “surgeon” asks you to meet him in a pole barn after nightfall, chalk it up as a huge red flag and do not through with it.

One Michigan woman unfortunately did make the mistake of meeting up with her so-called doctor under these very circumstances—in a barn at midnight—and started having some complications. Luckily, her sister was able to call 911 and get her help. The doctor’s licensed has since been suspected and the barn shut down.

So Who Can Perform Lipo, Anyway?

Any ole Farmer Joe can’t go around performing lipo out of his barn. You need a real cosmetic surgeon for that.

Needless to say, this doctor was illegally operating a cosmetic surgery clinic out of his pole barn, but the fact that patients were actually showing up to this place speaks volumes. Please, please, please, pick a legit cosmetic surgeon who keeps reasonable hours, because not just anyone can perform lipo.

Look for a qualified cosmetic surgeon who runs a clean, organized, safe and LEGAL medical practice. Before you set up an appointment, go in for a consultation, check out the facility and ask to see some before and after liposuction photos of real clients.


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If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn at Midnight, You’ve Got Problems
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If Your Lipo Is Going Down in a Barn at Midnight, You’ve Got Problems
Wondering who can perform lipo? Beauty blogger RaveBabe explains why you need to do your research before letting just anyone do your body contouring.
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