If Your Breast Implants Are Migrating, Find a New Plastic Surgeon

migrating breast implants

migrating breast implantsBombshell model or not, if your breast implants have migrated from your chest to your collar bone, you’re probably not going to look too swell.

But before you head off to the same plastic surgeon for a fix-up, you might want to look around for other options.

When It Might Be Time for a Second Boob Job

After you get a boob job, you can expect your implants to move around to some degree. In fact, there’s a little thing we like to call “dropping and fluffing,” which happens when your implants drop downward and settle into a natural-looking position. You want this to happen.

What you don’t want, however, is for your implants to slide out of their carefully-placed pockets and into your armpit or collarbone area. That’s exactly what happened to model Amanda Marsh after a not-so-great boob job.

If you find yourself in her shoes and suddenly see that your implants are no longer where they’re supposed to be, you might want to see a new plastic surgeon about a revision.

Get to Know Your Breast Implant Placement Options

No matter which technique you choose, your implants should never leave your chest.

There are two main breast implant placement options to choose from: over your chest muscle (subglandular) and under your chest muscle (submuscular). In either case, a skilled plastic surgeon should be able to create a perfectly-sized pocket so your implants can’t slip away.

That said, there are some pros and cons to both placement techniques, so you should discuss your options with your plastic surgeon before jumping right into breast enhancement. And if you’d rather not have to deal with a totally botched boob job, always check for board certification first.


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If Your Breast Implants Are Migrating, Find a New Plastic Surgeon
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If Your Breast Implants Are Migrating, Find a New Plastic Surgeon
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