If You Have a Facelift in Your 20s, You’ll Stop Aging, Right?

woman with plastic surgery secret

woman with plastic surgery secretThe best way to take years off your face is by getting a facelift. In general, you probably wouldn’t even start thinking about a facelift until your 40s (at the very least). This hasn’t stopped some proactive 20-somethings from hitting up their plastic surgeon for a facelift. Are they on to something? Does getting a lift while you’re still super young keep you looking that way? Yeah, about that… If you’re thinking about getting a facelift, you need to know what a facelift can (and can’t) actually do.

News Flash: A Facelift Doesn’t Magically Make You Stop Aging (Sorry)

In fact, nothing can make you stop aging. That’s just how it works. But, if you want to look like you’re one of those people who ages really slowly, the facelift is your best friend. Of course, subtlety is key. If you look shockingly different after having a facelift, you’re not going to be able to claim that you’ve just been getting better sleep lately or that your new multi-vitamins are really starting to kick in.

You will still continue to age even after getting a facelift because, well, you’re human.

A Facelift Can Make You Look Younger, Just Not When You’re 25

A facelift can’t make you stay young forever, and how long the results of your facelift last depends on several things. Some people just age faster than others which is, we know, totally unfair. A lot of it has to do with lifestyle choices, though. Unless you’ve been in a smoky bar for the last decade or so, you should know that things like smoking and sun damage can cause premature aging.

So, go ahead and get a facelift, but don’t be so eager to turn back the clock that you become another facelift horror story. Wait until you’re really ready and choose your plastic surgeon with care.


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If You Have a Facelift in Your 20s, You'll Stop Aging, Right?
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If You Have a Facelift in Your 20s, You'll Stop Aging, Right?
Could getting a facelift in your 20s keep you looking young forever? These facelift need-to-know facts should clear up some common misconceptions.
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