If You Have 4 Breast Implants, You’re Doing Something Wrong

Woman with a large chest in front of a green background.

Woman with a large chest in front of a green background.Breasts are great. And if two are good, four is better, right? Yeah, not so much.

Despite few people being into the idea of a four-breasted woman—though I know you freaks are out there — “Botched” patient Brittany still managed to end up with not two, but four breast implants.

So, Like, How Exactly Does THAT Happen?

So the story is more straightforward than you might imagine. Brittany wanted bigger breasts — way bigger breasts. Her goal was an additional 1300 cc’s.

FYI: the largest manufactured breast implant size option is 800 ccs.

Rather than give up on her big booby dreams, Brittany and her doctor came up with the creative solution of stacking implants on top of each other. And by creative, we mean insane.

Not only is this forbidden by implant manufacturers, but it significantly increases the risk of the immune system rejecting the implants, thins the skin and, well, it looks weird.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

It isn’t that we don’t get the temptation to pick out a giant set of knockers. We do. You are already paying for the surgery, so why not go big? Well, ladies, because there is more to breast augmentation than size.

And if you are more focused on value than aesthetics, a lot of things could go wrong in a hurry.

How to Pick Breast Implant Size

There is a lot more to great-looking breasts than just size.

So if bang for your buck is the wrong way to pick an implant size, what is the right way?

Think proportions. The goal isn’t to become a top-heavy cartoon that can’t remain upright in heels. Instead, it is to balance your figure. Think about the width of your shoulders and your hips, as well as how curvy or athletic your frame is. Getting attention is great and all, but you want it to be because you look that darn fabulous, not because you look like you are defying the laws of physics.

Of course, it can be hard to understand what is proportioned and what is cartoonish until after the surgery is complete — and then it is too late unless you want to get a revision. Luckily we have a trick. Just go grab a measuring cup, some rice and a pair of pantyhose you can live without.

This isn’t a prank, we promise.

Cut a 12-inch strip from the hose, not using the foot part, and tie a knot at one end. Measure out the amount of rice equal to the ccs you are considering for your implant. 1ml equals 1cc. Then tie a knot at the other end and you have a makeshift sizer. Place it inside the bra you are wearing to get a feel for how it might look.

Of course, you will get better results from using the sizers at your plastic surgeon’s office. But hey, there is no harm in a little at-home experimentation. And at least you won’t end up like poor Brittany.


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If You Have 4 Breast Implants, You’re Doing Something Wrong
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If You Have 4 Breast Implants, You’re Doing Something Wrong
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