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Identical Twins, Identical Boob Jobs?

Identical Twins

Identical TwinsThey share the same parents, the same face and often the same mannerisms. Some people even claim they can read each other’s thoughts. Identical twins can be downright fascinating, not to mention fun (especially when one pretends to be the other to get out of taking a test.) And one pair of twins has taken this notion of sharing a bit farther than most.

Seeing Double

It seems that springing from the same zygote and 9 months of hugging it out in the womb wasn’t enough, because 28 year old twins Lucy and Anna DeCinque have spent more than $200,000 in cosmetic plastic surgery to actually look more identical to one another.

The Highest Form of Flattery

   The twins have undergone breast augmentations and lip enhancements to achieve the exact same dimensions.

They also have a weekly spa date where they undergo the same med spa procedures. They wear matching outfits and accessories, and insist on their meal portions and food choices being exactly the same. The DeCinques follow the same diet and exercise plan, because they want to do everything they can to ensure their bodies remain identical.

Twice as Much to Love

By now, it may come as no surprise that the DeCinques are into sharing with one another. That’s why they have the same Facebook account, they use the same bed, and they also share the same boyfriend. No word on whether or not the main man in their life can actually tell them apart, but then again, maybe that’s all part of the plan.


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